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The kissing scene that preceded Willis and March plunging into the pool is slightly different for the US version where Willis says "I miss you" with March replying" This time, you won't miss. The Raspberries go to Willis and March, though. Bruce Willis with a hairpiece looks good. Since most male stars wouldn't be caught dead showing their genitals, for obvious reasons, what is seen for a second in the pool scene is that of a body double. It's the kind of film where there are preposterous moments that make you smile, but there's enough good acting to outweigh that. Bruce Willis is brilliant as a psychologist, and Scott Bakula does a great job too in his role. I'm not kidding, this one navigates its way to the edge of the map of believability and logic, and with a knowing wink, dives headlong right off the edge of it into realms of sweaty, sexy excess, characters so strange they seem to be from a looney toons episode directed by David Lynch, and a preposterous story that has to be seen to be disbelieved.

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Finally, when was the last time you heard of a psychiatrist taking over a group of patients for a friend in the profession when one of them might have murdered him? I loved this movie! The film has elements of many different genres, and could be thought of as a psychological thriller, an action movie, a dreamy love story, and a regular murder mystery. An error has occured. To all of you who gave this turkey positive comments, I ask you to ask yourselves: Was this review helpful? Supporting work is also provided by Kevin J.

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Sure, they wouldn't have gotten Bruce Willis or Jane March, but it's basically one of their movies with a bigger budget.

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User Reviews

I'm sure the shooting script must have looked wonderful, but a combination of extremely clumsy editing the sex scenes in the middle of the film are a wonderful example and poor character development turned this into another Plan 9 From Outer Space. Especially in such a lawsuit-happy society as America? If you're reading this trying to decide if you want to rent this movie, just send me your five bucks. This reminded me of something Fred Olen Ray or Jim Wynorski would have done not a bad thing in my eyes but they could have done it with probably a tenth the budget. Was this review helpful? I just liked this film, it was good entertainment just what a film is supposed to dogood thrilling, just what a thriller should do! In one version, there is a scene where Casey leaves Capa a message on his answering machine, which is followed by the scene where Capa returns his phone call.

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color of night pool scene
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color of night pool scene
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15 Sex Scenes The Actors Totally Regretted

And by failing to use her in a more productive way, by not concentrating on developing her character which is so vital to the storyRush commits his most critical error of all. It's a really unbelievable piece of violent eroticism, and despite everything The Italian version contains a dinner table scene in which Willis and March arousing each other with their feet, followed by Willis gently rubbing March's toes as her feet make their way up his crotch, this scene is also featured in the Australian VHS version released by Village Roadshow. Films uk release. This is before we even get into the fact that Jane March's behaviour during this film more closely resembles that of a person suffering mania - hypersexuality, paranoia, irrational fear, and so forth.

color of night pool scene
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