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Getting back to the bout with Jenny. He holds this hold until he feels me completely give in. I know it means you doing three fuck spots, but you would be helping us out of a fix. He now stops and pulls me up by my hair to my knees. He is fighting me with every last bit of strength he has. Most of the wrestlers in the fuck-bouts are chosen for their cock size rather than there wrestling skills. The referee's finger was almost in my face as he counted, '1!

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He has won. His arms are lean and cut, not large, but strong. I pulled her onto her belly and dragged her around the rings corners where the mud was always the thickest. I didn't fight him or the count. Just as each has a strength, each has a weakness. You want me to put my strap-on cock up your arse? This weakens me slightly, which he must sense since he takes his right hand, while keeping my left arm in check with his left, and begins to easily and slowly, with only his thumb, message the head of my cock--the g-spot.

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It's all-in-free style.

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Cum To The Mud-Wrestling With Me!

I am wearing an oversized tank top that drapes to the tip of my cock. The two guys who I was with wanted to give me the double, but I wasn't in the mood to take them both on together, so one went for a walk while I did it with his mate. It was the second bout of the night that I had been pinned down in. So, getting together with our opponents meant that we did not go in the ring cold towards each other. That usually happens in a hot relaxing bath. She sidled past me into Jenny's open arms, guiding Jenny's cock to her pussy as they fell back onto the bench.

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cum on her face wrestling
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cum on her face wrestling
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When I threatened to kick her teeth in, she stepped back and saluted the crowd and was announced the winner and she bowed out and was booed out of the ring. He is giving in. On the way home tonight he is going to stink of cunt juices. When I wrestle with men and end up getting pinned and fucked by them, it is not with the morals of a lesbian. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. My only hope is he is closer to coming than I am.

cum on her face wrestling
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