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You are totally wrong, Men Like Big boobs. A nice handful is perfect. YoungxBeastOct 23, EldritchEnergies likes this. Maybe the guys here aren't saying big boobs are ugly, but instead trying to say that they don't find them particularly attractive. RealisticOct 23, Thank you for rising up to the role a man has to respect women.

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Or maybe, how about, instaid of saying guys who like small boobs are pedos, lets look at this logically! All boobs come in different shapes and sizes and their is no reason for small boobs or larger boobs to be thought as an illness. The young lady I'm dating she is Latina like 5'3 petite built but has some flat chest Barely "A" cup and a very round little behind that I adore with legs to match her physique built structure. JayEmCeeOct 23, Is this your passion in life She couldn't believe how many guys had their eyes glued to them and even noticed 3 or 4 getting a buldge in their trousers. Your ideal body is with a big big bust and small waist.

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No one appreciates saggy dough tits and shapeless pancake asses.

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I'm Asian. You need serious help. Saying one can't be attractive, or nobody can find them attractive. I really like small boobs. She is almost my height, strong, smart, sexy, I could go on all day. Nobody's listening to you. For others?

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ugly girls and their boobs
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ugly girls and their boobs
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You can't say all flat women are dumb, and you can't say all busty women are smart. Click here to show. Doesn't mean that the existence of millions of fans is disproved. Its sexy to me. Can big breasts make an ugly girl attractive? As an added bonus it's said that smaller boobs are more commonly prefered to guys who are financially stable and by guys who are not super sex hungry such as many teens Another bonus to you is that in smaller boobs is your nerve endings packed tighter together which means that everything will feel even better. I've been drawn to small bobbie and big round booty thick thigs female structure since my High School ex GF.

ugly girls and their boobs
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