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If you prefer it on the draw, as I do, e. More convincingly, Harry Crabb addressed the issue in two correspondences transcripts below with a customer inquiring about the origin of his Ball Beavon concertina: Jones supposedly was experimenting with progressive designs for Anglo concertinas at the time. Based on information from members of the Jeffries family. Remainder of article in preparation.

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Such repair work consumed considerable time that otherwise could have been devoted to instrument building. Family tradition says they had a band…and this is confirmed by a remote from me branch of the family. A new fretwork pattern was introduced along with the inscribed oval on the right side. Marked on the right with an oval engraved C. Or were you just being sarcastic? We have identified only two craftsmen—Robert Carr and C. Its history has never been recorded, but merely passed down orally from one generation to the next.

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Jones supposedly was experimenting with progressive designs for Anglo concertinas at the time.

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Jeffries Anglo Concertina

Catalog The structure at 6 Lennox Villa still stands, though renumbered and no longer known by its original terrace name. Although Mary Ann left everything to be equally shared among her children. Charles Jeffries receipt for concertina retuning, signed by T. Instruments of Period 4 often have thicker cut fretwork than those of earlier periods. Our conjecture is that the period from the late s on was one of experimentation in which Charles Jeffries was making, at best, maybe 60 percent of an instrument, with the rest reeds, springs, buttons, etc.

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dating jeffries concertinas
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dating jeffries concertinas
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This diagramfor a button Jeffries duet has a 3-button row in the left hand where mine has a 4-button row. Jeffries on 4 September Horniman Museum For a time, Thomas Jeffries supposedly built a few concertinas, upon which Tommy Williams commented as follows: Charles Jeffries jnr also seems to have put this stamping on second-hand concertinas from earlier Jeffries periods. While searching for information from the International Concertina Association foundedhe was volunteered for Archivist, and is now attempting to relocate, preserve, and make available the information gathered by the Association during its 50 year long history. The research also revealed a correlation between the quality of the concertina and the degradation of male naughty bit function. The major mystery surrounds the earliest existing stock sheets which cover the years The use of the same end stamping method on some wood-fret instruments suggests that they were also part of the Jeffries product line during the same period.

dating jeffries concertinas
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