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Backed against a fence, the sunlight stops Moses and Kai escapes. Everyone Else: As the girl walked out into the open, the strange song stopped and silence fell over the area. That's all it takes to win Diva's heart: And I could get it and let you out! The first fifty years of Diva's life had been abysmal.

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David, Saya, and others enter the Russian port of Vladivostok to board the Trans-Siberian express heading for Ekaterinburg, where a key scientist in chiropteran research was last seen. Saya has a dream about her past in s Russia with Hagi, tracking down Rasputin and Diva, who was disguised as Grand Duchess Anastasia. It's not explained in the manga- Riku was never raped and killed. She is arrogant, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to herself, she has this strange mix of high and low self-esteem, depending on the subject at hand. Her speed stirs up fear as shown when she attacked the Red Shield HQ. After seeing his new half-Schiff body, Diva declared that James wasn't her James anymore and hates him.

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Hagi and Saya fight against Amshel.

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Episode 43

The lock clicked and popped open, clattering to the floor. Basically, it boils down to Diva is doing it for fun. She's not afraid or put of by getting into bed with another woman or even another species. Nathan brings the babies to Diva, and she tells them good-bye and imagines herself holding them before she dies. However, it's a sibling's kind of love. Julia keeps vigil over him as he lies unconscious in the hospital, and kisses him. Diva has pretty sick dominance issues, so for someone she hates, there's a strong desire to dominate them completely, and in this case, Diva thinks of sex as a tool rather than a pleasure.

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Diva & Sex(uality)

So with that in mind, why would she do him? The idea was brilliant but dangerous, if she was caught taking something of her father's she would be in a lot of trouble. From what I recall, unlike Carmen, he hadn't shown advanced signs of degeneration from Thorn yet and as the Schiff selected to serve as the ideal prototype for the Corpse Corps probably would have been the last of them to do so. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Diva's impersonation of Riku in the latter half of the series demonstrates that she can alter her physical features, though this ability seems limited in comparison to other chiropterans' transformation abilities.

saya and diva naked
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