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Does that mean, after showering, that you swim in the pool completely naked? I have zero issues with nudity since it's not sexual in nature. Although I do understand some peoples need for privacy in the changing and showering areas I found the experience of showering naked in this venue to be quite freeing. In the UK, Sport England statistics from state that 2. Farmer, teacher, accountant and salesman. Which is why I hate swimming in a public pool. As a kid growing up here, my elementary school swimming class taught us more than just the crawl and treading water.

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Michael November 7, I have watched the people run like hell from the natural pools, not talking Blue Lagoon here, shivering, turning blue, trying to say h o ow gr e a t it I S Yeah sure it is. Visitors to Iceland unnerved by the strict requirement to strip naked and wash in communal shower rooms before entering the swimming pool complexes can now breathe a sigh of relief. That being said, is there any etiquette when showering naked after swimming at the pool? Pool wardens will still be on hand to ensure that people going in and out of these cubicles are not wearing swimming suits. You have no idea where my issues stem from and to make a comment like that sucks.

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The dreaded requirement of showering naked

Yes you can! It really only works in smaller pools, I can't imagine it working at something like a water park. I was ridiculed and abused as a child when it comes to body issues and that's why I have a fear of being naked in front of strangers. I'm sorry you struggle with body image issues. Jul 2, 24, 0 0 www. Thomas November 6,3:

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nude at swimming pool shower
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nude at swimming pool shower
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Soap in the Shower, Naked in the Dressing Room, and Other Curiosities of the Finnish Pool Culture

Man that must be nice, if you're the only one swimming. In the report, it was noted that every single bather can potentially bring one billion [!!! I think that I became more accepting of my imperfect body after seeing how everyone moved about unashamed no matter their age or physique. Post a comment! Sep 24, 30, 0 0 Oregon. I guess I'm lucky that my gym has individual showers so it doesn't matter. Swimmit is a meme-free sub.

nude at swimming pool shower
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