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Unfortunately the Spartan line of firearms has been discontinued by Remington in After getting it and having ejection problems, I took it apart for cleaning and inspection. We offer a general guideline for the amount of energy at the point of impact recommended to bring down particular game. I wish I could help you but all my computer checks I have done never talked about the magazine or trigger guard. This is normal, and it is safe for all lead Turkey shot. If parts are in stock, you should receive your order within business days from the time we process your order.

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Here are some differences, and why they are not interchangeable:. All ARs Hunting Tactical. Choke tubes can be purchased through your local dealer, on our online store or by calling us at There are a number of resources that provide complete specifications and dimensions of rifle calibers. The gun barrel has been painted black, and not a good job at that.

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The firing pin on rimfires strikes the rim of the cartridge thus the "rimfire" designationso dry firing would allow the firing pin to strike the edge of the chamber area causing possible damage.

Erika need help dating a remington 81

Below is the triangle with a J inside of it denoting magnaflux. If you have any further questions about your rifle. If you post a few clear pictures of the actual gun you will get the most accurate and credible valuation and answers. One of the key differences is the length of the throat or leade on the 5. Value depends on exact condition. The plating does not affect the overall length to any degree of significance. Patterns for the 8C are fairly consistent, however a couple examples have been observed with fancier patterns.

Classic Guns: Remington Model 8 Rifle

It is our opinion that the steel has been exposed to conditions where this has allowed the stainless to blemish. The 8C could be had in a straight grip or semi-pistol grip buttstock. As to being the 47th one made, it almost certainly would not be it. Remington Model 7 LS. Thank you so much for that information.