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Oh and, vote on the poll please ; The most votes win! She developed this habit from her daughter because they are living together and cannot help but to adapt this teen behavior. A nap sounds good. Lucy balled her fist in anger "W-Why didn't you help her then? Gate of hell, Wrath! Some tools around her was badly damage and bent yet the block of ice did not shatter. She suddenly felt pain and anger towards the blonde.

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I grinned at the thought and stalked to the kitchen carefully, not making any sounds and I peer cautiously at the wall. Narrowing her eyes and faking a glare, Layla yelled enough for them to hear. Lucy noticed that she was beginning to be left out so she firmly gripped Natsu's dick and stroked it up so his foreskin was covering the tip and she licked the insides of it, she nipped and sucked it in her mouth forcing his right hand to thread her blonde silky locks. She moaned loudly and gripped the sheets tightly. The brawl ended leaving some mages knocked out cold in the tables. Story Author.

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Let's go!

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You will choose who's the next one to appear on the next installment. Updated Crossovers: Lucy began to blush and made a snowball then threw it at Naruto. Back at the two blondes, Lucy was balancing herself in a low barricade. The real thing is, she asked it for her boyfriend was inside her closet, inwardly sighing in relief when he didn't make any noises inside. His eyes widened when he saw what's inside the safe.

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It has been an exhausting five hour trip and being with Natsu in the carriage made it only worst because of his motion sickness. Layla let her hair cascade down her shoulders and flowed from her lower back, longer than Lucy's and it's a little wavier down to her mid-back and lower back and smiled in the mirror before walking out of her room and called in for her daughter inside her room. What she found will completely change her life forever. She was kneeling in front of a blonde teen who has his arms crossed and an annoyed look etched his face. Naruto walked towards Lucy and still being cautious towards the pink haired boy.

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